Brewery Spotlight: Old Nation

Old Nation Brewing is coming to Cincinnati and we are beyond excited to start pouring their beer and selling four-packs of these Michigan brewers who are killing the New England IPA game.

Owners Travis Fritts and Rick Ghersi didn’t always brew the NEIPA style of beers that has generated a cult following amongst craft beer drinkers. Back when they opened Old Nation in 2015 they were aiming to focus almost exclusively on classic German and Belgian style beers. But when the brewery initially struggled, Fritts and Ghersi knew they needed to look to their customers and craft beer drinkers to guide the evolution of their brewery. Fritts stumbled into a conversation on a Facebook group, of all places, about New England IPAs. The Facebook thread evolved into a meetup of craft beer drinkers at Old Nation, with Fritts by their side, brewing an experimental batch of the hazy, juicy beer of the moment. Feedback from the experimental brew led to the development of M-43 and the rest was history.

The fact that a couple brewers and a group of craft beer enthusiasts could join together to conceptualize and brew such a sought after beer is pretty remarkable. Since the birth of M-43, Old Nation has gone from brewing just 1,200 barrels per year to 20,000, the majority of which is M-43.

We love that these guys put customers first and aren’t afraid to adapt. Just as their customers have fallen in love with their beers, we think our customers will respond just as well as we share these juicy, hazy and completely delicious brews with you later this week!  

Coming soon to our tap line up: M-43 and Boss Tweed from Old Nation. For now we’ll have both, draft only–but don’t worry, we hear a rumor that package is in our near future as well.

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