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Behind-the-Scenes at the Home of The Midwest Fruit Tart Ale

By Haley Manker I think it’s well known in the store that if there is a sour on tap from Urban Artifact, it’s most likely going to be followed with “*Haley’s Pick*”. I’m a dedicated fan girl of the Midwest Fruit Tart and I have absolutely stocked my fridge full of Urban Artifact’s amazing brews […]

Spring Into Day Drinking

by Haley Manker It’s no surprise: I’m probably as much of a morning person as a morning person can get. It will also come as no surprise that I’m a total brunch fanatic. This typically means that this time of year I get way too excited when daylight saving time rolls around. An extra hour […]

Mixed Fermentation Beers: A Spotlight on Jackie O’s

By Haley Manker It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of Jackie O’s! And while they get a ton of attention for their barrel aged stouts, we think their mixed fermentation beers deserve just as much praise! Grab some of these complex and thought provoking beers the next time you’re at Cappy’s in Loveland! Elle […]

Chili and Beer: The Perfect Match

By Haley Manker As the Winter months continue to pass, a few things have stayed consistent: the need for a hearty chili and the need for a good beer. Our staff weren’t eligible to enter last Saturday’s chili cook off, but we’ve decided to share our own tips, tricks, and recommendations for some tasty beer-infused […]


Written by Tyler Hooley It’s big. It’s bad. It’s delicious. That’s right! It’s barleywine. One of the oldest beer styles still in existence, the first known recordings of a barleywine go all the way back to Ancient Armenia. Despite it’s Armenian roots, the barleywine flavor profile that we’ve come to know and love first emerged […]

The Birth of a Hippo. The Birth of a Beer.

Written by Tyler Hooley She came. She swam. She conquered the hearts of Cincinnati! Fiona Fever didn’t just catch on in Cincinnati but spread across the globe. People followed her story of survival and fell in love with the teeny little premature hippo born in our very own backyard. Born on January 24th, 2017, Fiona […]

Brewery Feature: Fat Orange Cat

Written by Tyler Hooley Cans from Fat Orange Cat keep rolling through our front door these days. Not knowing much about these guys,  we took it upon ourselves to do some light research on this East Coast brewery and we discovered a unique brewery, with a sense of humor, committed to sustainability. Here are some […]

Brewery Spotlight: Old Nation

Old Nation Brewing is coming to Cincinnati and we are beyond excited to start pouring their beer and selling four-packs of these Michigan brewers who are killing the New England IPA game. Owners Travis Fritts and Rick Ghersi didn’t always brew the NEIPA style of beers that has generated a cult following amongst craft beer […]