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Two Days of Speedway Party with AleSmith Brewing


We’re practically giddy with anticipation as we approach our Two Days of Speedway Event on Thursday, November 29 and Friday, November 30.

We’ve been huge fans of Speedway Stout from AleSmith since they started distributing in Ohio and we can’t wait to host what we think will be one of the biggest Speedway Stout Variant parties to grace the region.

One of Ben’s personal favorite beers, we’ve always been proud of our practically permanent tap handle reserved for our Speedway Stout variants, but for the first time in Cappy’s history we’re tapping NINE Speedway Stout beers for one event.

Timed Tappings – Thursday, 11/29 at 4pm:
Barrel Aged Speedway Stout
Barrel Aged Cinnamon Vanilla Speedway Stout

Timed Tappings – Friday, 11/30 at 4pm:
Double Barrel Aged Speedway Stout

Other beers on tap from AleSmith:

Mokasida Speedway Stout
Thai Speedway Stout
Hawaiian Speedway Stout
Celestial Dawn/Modern Times Collaboration Speedway Stout
Jamaican Blue Mountain Speedway Stout
Speedway Stout
Wee Heavy
Old Numbskull
Mt. Crushmore
Alesmith IPA

But wait. There’s more! We’re releasing three incredibly hard to land AleSmith bottles for sale to the public on Thursday at 4pm:

2018 Barrel Aged Speedway Stout – Bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout with a massive flavor profile of Ryan Bros. Coffee, chocolate, and roasted barley.

Mexican Speedway Stout – Tequila barrel-aged imperial stout with Mexican coffee, chocolate and cinnamon.

2017 Noble Empire – Brewed in celebration of AleSmith’s move to it’s second facility. Noble Empire is rich with chocolaty flavors derived from a variety of specialty malts. This beer has patiently found the delicate balance between sweet notes of vanilla and toast from the bourbon barrels.

Cappy’s Annual Black Friday Sale with Toys for Tots


It’s our favorite day of the year: Black Friday, Baby!

We’re bringing you some incredibly rare and limited bottles to add to your collection.

The catch? To buy the beer we’re asking you to pay it forward. Donate a toy to buy a beer. Donate five toys, buy five bottles of beer. Etc.

This day, for us, is all about good people, a good cause, and some damn good beverages.

Bottle Line Up for Cappy’s 2019 Black Friday Sale

Alesmith – ’17 Noble Empire
Alesmith – ’18 Mexican Speedway Stout
Alesmith – ’18 BA Speedway Stout
Avery – ’14 Uncle Jacob’s Stout
Bell’s – BBA Expedition Stout
Bell’s ’17 Black Note
Brouwerij Fonteinen – ’16 Oude Kriek
Crooked Stave – Batonnage
Fifty West – Marble Palace
Founders – ’17 CBS
Goose Island – ’18 BCBS
Hi-Wire – BA 10W-40
Hoppin Frog – B.O.R.I.S. Buff
Listermann – Operation Flintlock Double Chocolate
Listermann – Operation Flintlock Caramel
MadTree – Boysen the Wood
Revolution – ’13 Deth’s Tar
Revolution – ’16 Deth’s Tar
Revolution – ’14 Straight Jacket
Revolution – ’15 Straight Jacket
Terrapin – Moo-Tella
Terrapin – Raspberry Truffle Wake ‘n Bake
Terrapin – Tart Cherry Wake ‘n Bake
MYSTERY BEER – We’re not revealing this one until you show up on Friday, but trust us, you want a bottle!

Black Friday Wines:

Dunn Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon 2014
Quilceda Creek Cabernet Sauvignon 2015
Teso la Monja Almirez 2011
2014 Pahlmeyer Proprietary Red
Joseph Phelps Insignia 2015
Dow’s 2016 Vintage Port
Frank Family Vineyards Pinot Noir 2016
J.J. Prum Wehlener Sonnenuhr Kabinett Riesling 2017
Krug Brut Rose 21st Edition
Sassetti Livio
Colle Argento Spumante Rosé
Quintessa 2015

Right On, Baby! Can Release

Introducing our first beer in the Cappy’s and Platform Cobbler-ation Series: Right On, Baby!

Right On, Baby!
Overfruited Blackberry Cobbler Slushee Sour
from Platform and Cappy’s Wine and Spirits

16 oz. Four Packs
Available for sale at both Cappy’s locations
Wednesday, 11/21 at 9am 

This Blackberry Cobbler Overfruited Slushee Sour was brewed with blackberry puree, vanilla, cinnamon, graham crackers and lactose. The first in a series of collaboration beers (or as we like to say, cobbler-ation beers) between Cappy’s and Platform, the brew was inspired by one of our favorite All-American desserts – the cobbler.

At Cappy’s we believe firmly in the glory of liquid dessert and we think this beer will pair perfectly not just with your Thanksgiving meal but with all the holiday get-togethers that come with this time of year.

Keep an eye out on our social media pages for more information from Ben and Colin with Platform about how this limited release beer came to fruition.

New This Black Friday – Wine!

This year, Mark, our Wine Jedi, is getting in on the Black Friday action!

NEW this year — Wine Sales benefiting Toys for Tots!

These rare wines will be available for purchase on Black Friday. You can take one home by donating a toy to Toys for Tots. Donate one toy, receive a voucher to purchase one bottle. Donate five toys, receive five vouchers.

Wines Available for Purchase:

Dunn Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon 2014
Quilceda Creek Cabernet Sauvignon 2015
Teso la Monja Almirez 2011
2014 Pahlmeyer Proprietary Red
Joseph Phelps Insignia 2015
Dow’s 2016 Vintage Port
Frank Family Vineyards Pinot Noir 2016
J.J. Prum Wehlener Sonnenuhr Kabinett Riesling 2017
Krug Brut Rose 21st Edition
Sassetti Livio
Colle Argento Spumante Rosé
Quintessa 2015

Black Friday, Baby!

Our favorite day of the year is almost here! Black Friday, Baby!

We’re excited to announce just SOME of the many rare and limited bottles available this year to our customers via our Toys for Tots Drive. As we get closer to the event, we will add additional bottles that are in the works. Important disclaimer: not all beers listed are currently in house. Our lineup is always subject to change. We will send out a fully updated and final list on Monday, November 19th.

How do you land these sought after beers? By partaking in some #PhilanthropicBeerDrinking! Customers earn the opportunity to purchase a bottle by donating a toy to Toys for Tots. Donate one toy, receive a voucher allowing you to purchase one of our rare bottles. Donate five toys, receive five vouchers. Customers may only purchase one of each bottle – no multiples.

Bottles for Cappy’s 2018 Black Friday Sale:

Alesmith 2017 Noble Empire
Alesmith 2018 Mexican Speedway Stout
Alesmith 2018 BA Speedway Stout
Avery 2014 Uncle Jacob’s Stout
Bell’s 2017 Black Note
Bell’s 2018 BA Expedition Stout
Brouwerij 3 Fonteinen 2016 Oude Kriek
Crooked Stave Batonnage (From Crooked Stave’s Cellar Reserve Member Series)
Founders 2017 CBS
Hi-Wire BA 10W-40
Hoppin Frog B.O.R.I.S. BUFF (From Hoppin Frog’s Rare Beer Club)
Listermann – Operation Flintlock Variant: Double Chocolate
Listermann – Operation Flintlock Variant: Caramel
MadTree Boysen the Wood
Revolution 2013 Deth’s Tar
Revolution 2016 Deth’s Tar
Revolution 2014 Straight Jacket
Revolution 2015 Straight Jacket
Terrapin Dark Chocolate Raspberry Wake ‘n Bake
Terrapin Tart Cherry Wake ‘n Bake
Terrapin Moo-Tella

We have more in the works that aren’t QUITE ready to be advertised, but stay tuned and be sure to check out next week’s e-newsletter for updates to our lineup and another exciting beer-related announcement for Black Friday!

ALSO, we’re adding WINE to our Black Friday Sale this year! Details about rare and limited wines that will be made available for purchase on Black Friday will be shared soon.

Why Teku Beer Glasses Matter

Aaah, the Teku glass. It’s the first glass to get snatched out of your kitchen cabinet for an impromptu bottle share for a reason. As far as beer drinking versatility goes, there’s nothing else quite like it.

Manufactured by Rastal in Germany, Teku glasses were originally developed specifically for Baladin Brewery, a world famous craft brewery located in Northern Italy. The name comes directly from the masterminds behind this beautiful piece of stemware: Matterino “Teo” Musso, owner and head brewer of Baladin Brewry, and Lorenzo Dabove “Kuaska,” a die-hard, Italian craft beer enthusiast. The shape and design became an immediate sensation and the Teku is now considered a must-have glass for any true craft beer enthusiast.

Developed specifically to amplify the multi-sensory experience that is craft beer, each line and angle was designed to heighten the flavor of the beer, but especially the aroma.

Why is aroma so important? Smell is so closely connected to taste that how a beer smells will undoubtedly influence the flavor of a beer. Don’t believe us?  A fun and easy at-home experiment for any beer drinker is to taste the same beer in different vessels. Crack open a can and divide up your beer into a juice glass, a snifter, and a teku. Be sure to keep some in the can for a full understanding of just how much your nose has control over your beer drinking experience.

A modernized version of the traditional tulip glass, Tekus function at their peak when enjoying an IPA, pale ale, saison, or sour. Though regardless of style, in our opinion, it’s one of your best options on the market for glassware. The secret of the Teku lies in the angled bowl, which traps the aroma in the glass, allowing you to get a full whiff each and every time you take a sip. The stem isn’t just there so you feel fancy, but also to keep your body temperature from prematurely warming your beer.

Now, while supplies last, pick up your very own #CAF Teku glass. Branded on one side with Cappy’s new logo and the other with our signature hashtag, these glasses were ordered in limited quantities and won’t be available for long. We’re serious about making sure our customers enjoy the best craft beer available, and that starts with proper glassware. #CAF Tekus are $15 each.



Revisiting Knee Deep Brewing Company

Tonight at Cappy’s we’re joining the guys at Knee Deep Brewing Co. and our friends at Premium to relaunch this incredible, award-winning brewery in Ohio.

Knee Deep recently signed a distribution contract with Premium Beverage Supply. What does that mean for you? It means that you’ll be seeing their awesome beers on draft more often in the area along with a wider array of their beers in package on our shelves.

So what’s the deal with this California brewery? The family-owned business got their start contract-brewing in 2010 near Lake Tahoe. They’ve grown over the years to a 28,000 square-foot facility just north of Sacramento. Known back in the day, locally, for selling the freshest beer possible, they used to sell growler fills directly from their loading dock. Talk about fresh hops! Rumor is that expansion is on the horizon in 2019.

These guys have brought home a ton of hardware at various beer competitions including 2017 GABF Silver for Lupulin River.

Interested in trying out their beers? Join us on the patio tonight, Wednesday, October 3rd from 5-10pm. You’ll have a chance to try some of their beers on tap, meet Jason and Danny from Knee Deep, and pick up some package from this brewery to-go.

Available on draft:

Breaking Bud



Available in package:

Breaking Bud

Lupulin River

Man Juice

Slooow Mo


Tahoe Deep


GABF: What’s the Big Fuss?

If you happen to be at CVG in the next couple of days you may see an unusually high surge of travelers donning craft beer swag. Why are so many guys with epic beards suddenly popping up at the Cincinnati airport? Because it’s American Craft Beer’s high holiday – Great American Beer Festival!

GABF is arguably one of the greatest craft beer festivals and competitions in the world and is in it’s 37th year. Hosted annually in Denver, Colorado by the Brewers Association, 62,000 craft beer enthusiasts flock to the convention center for this four-day event. With over 800 breweries pouring over 4,000 beers, it is no wonder that this event lives at the top of the craft beer drinker’s bucket list.

Part festival, part competition, this event has it all.

The Festival:

Oh, what a glorious sight to behold. This efficient and brilliantly run beer festival is a damn good time. Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by equally nerdy beer enthusiasts from around the world while sampling the best of the best in craft?! New this year to GABF, the Brewers Association has reorganized the convention center so that breweries are organized in alphabetical order. We think this decision is a major win – gone are the years when you had to memorize the map in order to track down your must try beers for the night.

Additionally, they’ve expanded the footprint of the festival by 100,000 square feet this year, which will hopefully help in moving around those epically long lines that pop up around big name breweries.

This year 62,000 lucky attendees will have their pick from over 4,000 beers representing 800 breweries.

A couple tips from us to help you maximize your experience:

  1. Study the list and make some top picks before the session begins.
  2. But don’t stay married to your list. If you walk past a booth and something catches your eye, TRY IT! Even if you’ve never heard of it before.
  3. You may be tempted to stick to breweries that don’t distribute in Ohio, but we say there is something super exciting about connecting with your local breweries during GABF. Even if it is just to say “Hi,” visit the Cincinnati brewery booths and show them some Cincinnati love. GABF is all about love for and pride in the craft – so share in that positive energy!
  4. Water, water, water. And then remember that you’re at a high altitude, so more water.
  5. If you’re a loyal Untappd user, consider pre-loading your beers into the app for quick access and on-the-spot beer reviewing. Or take your notes on paper and spend your flight home updating your account. Worried that walking around with a notepad will make you look nerdy? You’re at a beer festival. It comes with the territory.
  6. Pay attention to beer events hosted at local craft beer bars and breweries. GABF is not just about the festival itself, but is about the city-wide craft beer party that happens all week long. The tap takeovers and other special events happening in Denver surrounding the festival are unreal and are not to be missed.

The Competition:

All eyes are on this competition, so no pressure. With over 2,200 breweries submitting over 8,300 beers in 102 beer style categories, these judges have quite the challenge. Guidelines for judging are based on the Brewers Association Style Guidelines and World Beer Cup Styles.

Each year categories are added and changed to reflect the ever-evolving industry. This year, new categories include three juicy/hazy categories (shocking we know). New in 2018:

Juicy or Hazy Pale Ale

Juicy or Hazy IPA

Juicy or Hazy Double IPA

Contemporary American Style Pilsner

The constant evolution is very intentional on the part of the Brewers Association and adaptations to the categories are not taken lightly. There is a concerted effort to make sure that style categories are relevant and are a true reflection of the current beer landscape.

Winners of the annual competition are announced on Saturday, September 22nd in a massive hall with brewers from around the country filling the seats. The awards show is fun to watch, even from a distance. We’ll share out livestreaming details closer to the event.

Not able to make it to Denver but want to get in on the action? Join us for our GABF Preview with Fat Head’s on Thursday, September 20th. Cheers!

Brewery Feature: Decadent Ales

Since March, we’ve been geeking out anytime a beer delivery includes a new release from Decadent Ales, and last week was no exception. Last week’s huge drop of Decadent cans, featuring five new beers from this nanobrewery in Upstate New York, took our adoration for this brewery to a whole new level. We’ve spent a lot of time this week scrolling through Decadent’s social media feeds and getting excited about what’s next from this new up-and-coming brewery that is killing the game.

We were actually pretty shocked by the lack of information available online about this brewery and so we decided to do some digging of our own. Here’s what we know about the guys at Decadent Ales, a brewery that keeps surprising us and hooking us with their exciting flavor profiles, quirky can art, and finger-on-the-pulse approach to craft beer.

Decadent Ales is still relatively new to the craft beer scene, founded in June of 2016 by Paul Pignataro, Jim LeRay, and Andrew LeRay. Located in Mamaroneck, NY, this Hudson Valley nanobrewery is already turning heads nationwide.

Initially located in an 1,800 square foot space underneath a chocolate shop, the guys brewed on a one-barrel system. Focusing on New England style IPAs and dessert-inspired pastry stouts, their proximity to a chocolate shop seems pretty fitting to us. No surprise, they quickly outgrew their space and started conversations with Half Time Beverage to develop on-site brewing facilities and a tap room at the New York mega-retail shop. Decadent closed their initial location and moved to contract brewing, working with Thimble Island Brewing Company and Dorchester Brewing Company.

The conversations and planning with Half Time Beverage continued, and in 2017 plans to build and move into the space began. Fast forward to Summer of 2018– the tanks are installed, and Decadent Ales is in their final stages of opening their tap room and new location. The current word on the street is that they’ll open in September, which means it’s time for everyone to start planning their next beercations to Upstate New York.

What’s on the docket in terms of new beers from Decadent? It looks like they’re returning to some of their popular pastry stouts this Fall, are launching more milkshake IPAs, and have a few collaborations  with Evil Twin in the works.

Interested in trying out some beers from Decadent Ales? We’re trying to get our hands on as many of their beers as possible. At time of publication, Cappy’s currently had the following beers in stock:

French Toast

Pacific Punch

Pog Nog

Strawberry Creamsicle

Tropical Smoothie

Wild Berry Smoothie

What’s that Ruckus?! Melvin Brewing Company Comes to Ohio

Nothing excites us more at Cappy’s than when we get to introduce a new brewery, beer, or style to our customers. This week we are beyond thrilled to share some phenomenal beers from Melvin Brewing Company out of Wyoming with the great state of Ohio.

These guys have built a bit of a reputation for themselves over the years – their commitment to partying is just as strong as their commitment to wracking up as many medals as they possibly can in the brewing industry. Quite honestly, their list of hardware is too lengthy to share, but here are a few recent highlights from these bad boys of beer:

GABF 2017 Brewing Group of the Year

GABF 2017 Gold Medals for Hubert MPA and Fresh Hop IPA

American Canned Craft Beer Festival 2017 Gold Medal for Hubert MPA

GABF 2016 Gold Medal for Melvin IPA

US Open Beer Championship 2016 #2 Brewery of the Year, Gold Medals for Ch Ch Cherry Bomb, Uncle Ruckus, and D’Artagnan

American Canned Craft Beer Festival 2016 Gold Medals for Hubert MPA, Melvin IPA, Best of Show for Hubert IPA

North American Beer Awards 2016 Gold Medal for Morris IPA, Silver Medal for Clinic ISA

If you have an eye for trends, you may be picking up that Melvin Brewing is truly a master of all things hops and we have to agree. We’re tapping nine of their beers, including five hop forward beers at 5pm on Tuesday, 8/28 so that you can try them, too!

Melvin has exploded in recent years, largely due to the reputation they’ve built through beer festivals and awards. But back in 2009, Melvin existed under another name, Thai Me Up. Originally a small Thai restaurant, Jeremy Tofte, an employee of the restaurant, purchased the store, began playing kung fu movies on the TVs, blasting hip hop over the speakers, and pushing out beers on a 20 gallon brew system. They started to emerge on the beer scene in 2012 when they won Gold at GABF for Melvin IPA and 2×4 IPA.

True to their “we do what we want” attitude, when the brewery was shut out of entering GABF in 2013 after slots sold out in just two hours, Tofte blew off the event altogether and spent the week surfing in Baja, Mexico. Since they couldn’t submit their IPAs to defend their 2012 title, they brewed a new beer, Asterisk, which we assume is a reference to Kurt Vonnegut and a subtle “fuck you” to GABF in the form of a delicious IIPA.

But to be clear, while Melvin is named after both a ninja and a wedgie (from the front), and while they’re known for throwing massive parties, including their annual 2×4 Day, an event which includes setting a massive statue made out of 2x4s on fire (a la Burning Man), these guys actually do care and try to do some good, all while brewing killer beers.

Enter Your IPA. Each year, Melvin donates a portion of all proceeds from the beer to benefit a non-profit. In 2018 Melvin is supporting RIP Medical Debt, a national non-profit that provides support to Americans with oppressive medical debt by buying and forgiving defaulted debt.

So join us in welcoming Melvin Brewing Company to Ohio. Cappy’s currently carries:

In cans: Hubert MPA, Melvin IPA, Killer Bees, Asterisk

On draft beginning 5pm on 8/28: 2×4, Hubert MPA, Your IPA, Melvin IPA, RIIPA Hop Shocker, Killer Bees (Blonde Ale), Scenario Porter, Ruckus Imperial Stout, Hezeus (Mexican Lager)