Two Days of Speedway with Alesmith

November 29 @ 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Our Speedway Stout Party just got bigger. We’re expanding our list of Speedway Stout Variants and other heavy hitters from Alesmith and are keeping the party going for TWO DAYS of Speedway.

We’ll be updating our list and adding a couple timed tappings in the coming weeks, so check back for details.

For now, here are just SOME of the many beers we’ll have on tap for this two-day party.

– BA Speedway Stout
– Double Barrel Speedway Stout
– Speedway Stout
– Mokasida Speedway Stout
– Thai Speedway Stout
– Hawaiian Speedway Stout
– Vietnamese Speedway Stout
– Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Speedway Stout
– Wee Heavy
– Olde Ale
– Decadence 2015
– Old Numbskull

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