Alzheimer’s Lost Marbles Challenge Opener

March 12 @ 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm
We’re asking you to join us on March 12th, 5-10pm, for our Alzheimer’s Lost Marble Challenge Opener! This event will be perfect practice for our 3rd Annual Night Out for Alzheimer’s. Cavalier Distribution will be here for the opener, supplying mental support and liquid support in the form of beer.
The goal of the challenge is to place 42 marbles into a 12oz beer can while in a high plank position on a 65cm Swiss ball.
1. Swiss ball must rest on shins near ankle.
2. You must remain in high plank position
3. Your foot may come off the ball, but you will receive a 10 second penalty every time your foot touches the ground.
4. All marbles must be placed, not thrown, in the can.
5. Regulation container is a 12oz beer can.
6. Alternate hands when picking up and placing marbles in the can.
7. Place one marble in the can at a time.
Do you think you can break the current record?
The Beerded Pig will have a special Chomolungma wing sauce for the evening. So come down show us how you can beat the current record and enjoy some delicious jumbo wings.