Battles of the Brews: Hefeweizen Edition

June 24 @ 4:00 pm – 10:00 pm

16 Lots Brewing Company continues their reign as Cappy’s Battle of the Brews Champion.

In last month’s battle of the lager, their keg kicked in an impressive sixteen minutes, setting a new record at Cappy’s Wine and Spirits!

This month they’re calling out Rhinegeist to a battle of the Hefeweizen.

How does Battle of the Brews work?

It’s simple. Each brewery puts forward a keg of the selected style. Beer starts pouring at 4pm and the first keg to kick wins the title.

What comes with the award?

Bragging rights, a permanent handle for the month at our shop, and the opportunity to call out and challenge next month’s brewery AND pick the style!

Who will win as Hugh faces off against Palmyra? Stop by, order some pints and join in on the action!