Why Teku Beer Glasses Matter

Aaah, the Teku glass. It’s the first glass to get snatched out of your kitchen cabinet for an impromptu bottle share for a reason. As far as beer drinking versatility goes, there’s nothing else quite like it.

Manufactured by Rastal in Germany, Teku glasses were originally developed specifically for Baladin Brewery, a world famous craft brewery located in Northern Italy. The name comes directly from the masterminds behind this beautiful piece of stemware: Matterino “Teo” Musso, owner and head brewer of Baladin Brewry, and Lorenzo Dabove “Kuaska,” a die-hard, Italian craft beer enthusiast. The shape and design became an immediate sensation and the Teku is now considered a must-have glass for any true craft beer enthusiast.

Developed specifically to amplify the multi-sensory experience that is craft beer, each line and angle was designed to heighten the flavor of the beer, but especially the aroma.

Why is aroma so important? Smell is so closely connected to taste that how a beer smells will undoubtedly influence the flavor of a beer. Don’t believe us?  A fun and easy at-home experiment for any beer drinker is to taste the same beer in different vessels. Crack open a can and divide up your beer into a juice glass, a snifter, and a teku. Be sure to keep some in the can for a full understanding of just how much your nose has control over your beer drinking experience.

A modernized version of the traditional tulip glass, Tekus function at their peak when enjoying an IPA, pale ale, saison, or sour. Though regardless of style, in our opinion, it’s one of your best options on the market for glassware. The secret of the Teku lies in the angled bowl, which traps the aroma in the glass, allowing you to get a full whiff each and every time you take a sip. The stem isn’t just there so you feel fancy, but also to keep your body temperature from prematurely warming your beer.

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